About Our Clean Eats Menu

Have you seen our new menu section, Clean Eats? With a number of members asking about allergy information and joining fitness challenges at local gyms, we decided to create a menu free of most allergens.

These meals will be dairy-, gluten-, wheat-, sugar-, and some nut-free. These are the top allergens and inflammatory foods. When you eat a "clean" diet, it's removing processed foods and eating more whole foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts/seeds and healthy fats. Paleo is an example of eating a clean diet, which removes processed foods and many inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten and diary.

Removing inflammatory foods allows your body to recover and function properly. If you suffer from any kind of condition this might be a good way to help your body function at its best and alleviate some symptoms.

The meals are also "challenge approved." Many gyms in the Buffalo area offer weight-loss or fitness challenges. The diet is usually restricted to a handful of lean protein, most fruits and veggies and some fats. Our Clean Eats meals will consist of 4 oz of lean protein and a vegetable at the minimum. Some of the meals will also contain fruit. Make sure to follow your specific guidelines of your challenge, add in any missing components, and make sure to eat enough.

Currently, we offer four clean meals. Our first is a breakfast option - an egg white scramble with spinach and peppers. Second is a ground turkey bowl seasoned with garlic and onion powder with cauliflower rice a green beans. Our last two options are cleaned-up versions of our popular Chicken Berry Salad and Balsamic Chicken Caprese Salad. We've removed the cheese, onion and sugared almonds from these salads.

We hope to add more meals in this section in the future. Make sure to check back for new additions. Please let us know your thoughts on this new menu! Suggestions are very welcomed!

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