Eat the Food You Crave.

Hey Kraving Thyme Family! Meet Steph C.

Steph has been eating Kraving Thyme meals for 6 months. She started with us to try to lose some of the weight she had put on during her most recent pregnancy. Along with exercise, she enjoys all the choices found in our menu from regular means to low carb options. She has lost 70 pounds since signing up!

We believe that eating the foods you love will bring you health and wellness. Food should be a joyous experience. Not something you dread or wish you could have. Eating well portioned meals for your personal body type is the best way to maintain wellness. Food is fuel, but it’s also health for your soul.

So, go ahead and eat that meatloaf or chicken Parmesan that you love so much! Nourish your body and mind. Eat the food you crave.

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