Portion Control with RD Megan K!

This post was written by a member who is a Registered Dietitian. Megan Koscinski, MS, RD


Meal prepping is a great tool for planning and preparing meals in advance. Everyone has different intentions when it comes to meal prep, but usually the idea is to control calories and tailor nutrition to meet your personal dietary needs. This can help you to lose weight, gain muscle, support your workout regimen, etc.

When meal prep is done right, healthy lifestyle change, including weight loss can be achieved. An important aspect of meal prepping is correctly portioning food out to meet your daily needs. A general standard of what your plate should look like portioned out would be 1/2 of your plate containing fruits and vegetables, 1/4 of your plate containing lean proteins, and 1/4 of your plate containing whole grains/fiber-filled carbohydrates.

Portion size plays a huge factor in reaching your health and fitness goals. Portion control allows you to choose a healthy amount of food in order to get the benefits of nutrients without overeating. This means that you are managing the amount of calories you are taking in and actually consuming what your body needs instead of mindlessly overeating. There are strategies to meal prepping on your own, but life becomes ten times easier when you can find a meal prep company like Kraving Thyme that makes healthy food taste great.

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