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Hey guys, Tom here! I wanted to give you a rundown of all the changes happening here at Kraving Thyme.

I made a video explaining everything, or feel free to read below.

You're probably wondering why is this guy showing me a video when I should be looking at the tasty meals on the brand new menu and here's the reason why… We had some changes over this past week and we need to make some changes. Also, I don’t know if you guys noticed, but everything seems to be going up, so that said I don't want you thinking that we're going to be increasing prices; I'm changing prices.

Also we are going to be changing something to the menu. We are going to be putting a cap on meals. You're probably wondering why and it’s because the market's telling us that we have to. Unfortunately with everything else going up, my costs are going up, but I want to keep it classy and I want to keep the benefit for you and I.

We putting a cap on the meals because Sara, who if you don't know, Sara is my fiance, she is my business partner, she is also the head cook that produces those magical meals. Since we had a change in staff, she is the only cook right now. I need to put a cap on the meals for her sanity. I have a family to remember and I want her to see our daughter. I have a 17 month old daughter that I love more than life itself.

The good news is you guys are getting first right of refusal meaning that Tuesday and Wednesday is when you guys will have the opportunity to purchase meals. Thursday in the morning I'm opening it up to the public. So for example, if I have a hundred steak meals for that week, you members choose 90 of them by Thursday I then have 10 left, I will open those 10 meals up for the Buffalo area. If every single meal is picked up by Thursday at 12 then technically we are sold out for that week.

Please don't wait till Thursday night cuz most likely we will be sold out. I also want you to remember that this isn’t going to be forever. It's only until we can get a cooking staff hired. If you know anyway, please send them our way. We're looking for quality people. We are not looking for a person to fill a spot.

Unfortunately, like I said, we had some changes happen in the kitchen and right now this is what we have to do. I will never ever put profit over people. It's always people first and then, obviously, we need to make a profit to stay open. I will also never ever put quantity over quality. It’s quality first, people first.

Any questions reach out to me. Shoot me a text give me a call.


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